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"Fallschirmjäger über Holland" (....)

Is the no 65 book, from the series "Kriegsbücherei der deutschen jugend".

It's the story of the Low Countries Campaign especially that of the Holland operation.

It's been written by "Joachim Matthias" and published by "Steiniger Verlage Berlin".

The drawings are from "O. Wendt".

It has 32 pages and 7 beautiful drawings.


"Helmut Arpke" (1942)

Number 1 booklet from the Children's series "Helden der Wehrmacht".

It carries the story knightscross winner "Helmut Arpke", and how he won his knightscross.

The Drawings are from "Theo Matejko".

It has 8 pages and 4 small drawings Dated 1942.

"De Bevrijding van Mussolini" (1943)

Is an in 1943 published propaganda book in Dutch.

It contains the story on the rescue of Ill Duce Benito Mussolini from his Mountain prison on the "Gran Sasso".

It has 24 pages and 32 photos.

"Parachutisten grijpen in" (1942)

Is an in 1942 published Dutch translation of the in 1941 published "H. Schmidt" book "Fallschirmjäger von Dombas".

It was published in 1942 by "Roskam Publishers" and Translated by H.C.W. Gokkel.

It's a story about the Norway Campaign and especially the "Dombas" area.

It has 198 pages and as his German predecessor 48 photos.

Left picture is book without cover. Right picture is book with very rare paper cover.

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"Vom Schiffsjungen zum Fallschirmjäger General" (1943)

This is the wartime biography of Lieutenant General "Hermann Bernard Ramcke" in which he describes his actions and career from world war one to world war two.

It contains mostly text although there are some nice fallschirmjäger photos included.

This book was published in 1943 by "Verlag die Wehrmacht" from Berlin.

It has 261 pages and contains some 39 photos of a very young Ramcke.

First EditionSecond Edition

"Soldaten fallen vom Himmel" (1940)

Is one of the most complete books on the "Fallschirmjäger" from the war time era.

It tells the story of the invention of the Paratroopers and the first action they saw.

This was the Holland action and the book ontains a list with the names of all theDutch Campaign Knights Cross winners and what they did to get it. 

It also contains a lot of technical data on parachutes.

It's been written by "Hauptmann Walther Gericke" and published by"Schützen Verlag Berlin" it's dated 1940.

It has 120 pages and 109 photos.

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"Valschermjagers Overal" (1943)

Is a Dutch translation of the "Fallschirmjäger hier und da" book, Written by "Walther Gericke".

It was translated by C. Hölzermann and published in 1943 by "Volksche Uitgeverij Westland Amsterdam".

It tells the story of the Holland, Belgium and Norway campaign.

It has 155 pages and 67 photos. Its one of the rarest Fallschirmjäger books you can find.

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Signaal No. 5 / 1 march 1941 (Dutch version)

Atricle titled: "Fallschirmjäger "Max Schmeling" ".

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Signaal No. 13 / 1 juli 1941 (Dutch version)

Atricle titled: "Parachutisten starten naar Kreta".
("Paratroopers start for Crete").

Written by : E.W. Müller - Waldeck.

Article titled: "Na Corinthe - Kreta" Duitse parachutisten van het ene strijdtoneel naar het andere. 
("After Corinth - Crete" German Paratroopers from one battle to another").

Written by : Gronefeld.

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Der Adler Magazines

Fallschirmjäger related articles in the following Adler Magazine's :

Der Adler No. 16 / Berlin 06 August 1940
Der Adler No. 25 / Berlin 10 Dezember 1940

Der Adler No. 6 / Berlin 18 März 1941

Der Adler No. (Sonderdruck) / Berlin 2 Oktober 1941

Der Adler No. (Sonderdruck) Berlin 2 Januar 1942

Der Adler No. 6 / Berlin 17 März 1942

Der Adler No. 10 / Berlin 18 Mai 1943
Der Adler No. 11 / Berlin 25 Mai 1943

Der Adler No. 13 / Berlin 29 Juni 1943
Der Adler No. 18 / Berlin 31 August 1943

Der Adler No. 22 / Berlin 2 November 1943
Der Adler No. 23 / Berlin 16 November 1943
Der Adler No. 9 / Berlin 2 Mai 1944
Der Adler No. 10 / Berlin 16 Mai 1944
Der Adler No. 16 / Berlin 08 Aug. 1944

"Kreta Sieg den Künsten" (1942)

Is through its splitern camouflage cover one of the best-known "Fallschirmjäger" books.

It depicts the famous Crete operation from start to finish. It has been Published and written in 1942 by Kriegsberichter "Hans - Georg Schnitzer" and the Photos are from Kriegsberichter "Franz a. Dahm".

"Steirische Verlaganstalt Graz" has published it.

There are 32 pages and 258 large photos covering every aspect of this battle.

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"So wird man Fallschirmjäger" (1941)

This is what you call a wartime comic.

It contains comic drawings by "Hermann Groth" on the training and education of Fallschirmjäger.

The small verses are by "Ludwig Kade" both these man were serving in the 3rd Battalionof the 1st Fallschimjäger Regiment when they made this funny piece of Fallschirmjäger memorabilia

This book was published by "Nibelungen Verlag / Berlin - Leipzig.

There are 96 pages and 45 very funny drawings.

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"Der Fallschirmjäger vom Dombas" (1941)

This book tells the story of the "Dombas" action in Norway.

It is written by Fallschirmjäger Oberleutnant "Herbert Schmidt"

It was published in 1941 by "Schützen Verlag / Berlin"

It has 189 pages and 48 photos.


"Narvik im Bild" (1941)

This is the story of the batlle for Narvik.

Written by: Gerd Böttger.

Published by: Gerhard Stalling Verlag

It has 150 pages and 127 photos.

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"Parachutisten boven Holland" (1941)

This is a resistancebook published in England to be dropped over occupied Holland.
It tells the story of the cowerdly attack on the Netherlands by German paratroopers.

Written by: Leonard Mosley.

Published by: Centraal Comitee voor Stads- en Landwachten.

It has 166 pages and no photos.

Language: Dutch.

" Fallschirmjäger hier und da " (1941)

Contains the early years of the fallschirmjäger as well as the battle for Poland, Holland, Belgium, Danmark and Norway.

Written by: Hauptmann Walter Gericke.

Published by: Schützen Verlag / Berlin SW 68

It has 216 pages and 74 photos.

Language: German.

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